Pistachio and Cherry Sheet Cake

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This is a lovely slightly dense, but still moist cake, with a nutty flavour. The cream cheese icing is more sweet than tangy, and the cherry flavour adds a nice level of tartness.

I have been working on a big report for the last couple of weeks, so my ability to spend time in the kitchen, experimenting with new recipes, is limited. That does not mean that I do not usually have the same sweet cravings, however.

When my brain is occupied with work, I usually do not want to try and create my own recipes, as this takes a fair amount of time and effort. I do however, like being able to consult a trusted source for a good recipe to use. Edd Kimber always has great recipes, that have unique flavours and are usually foolproof. So I trust that they will be a success. (That doesn’t mean they are not idiot proof! I misread the recipe initially and forgot to include the baking powder!). He has just released a book called One Tin Bakes and I am eagerly awaiting my order – so decided to bake this in the interim. The cake is not in the book, but it is an example of what you would find in the book.

This pistachio and cherry sheet cake not only tastes great, but with minimal decorative effort, looks beautiful too. I love the contrast of green and red from the cherries. The cake has a fair amount of almonds and pistachios, so has a bit of density to it, yet it is still moist. There were two birthdays at Linsen’s office, so they got to enjoy most of it! This definitely is more of a celebratory cake – pistachios and almonds are not cheap in South Africa.

The next time you’re having a celebration. Keep this cake in mind. It’s a nice alternative to the usual celebration cakes. In fact, the green and red almost remind me of Christmas, with its festive colours.

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I have not majorly adapted the recipe in any way, so I will reference the original source here. I did add a quarter teaspoon almond extract to the cake, just to boost the overall flavour of the nuts.

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