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Gingerbread Pudding

A slight twist on the traditional Malva Pudding to add all the festive feels. Malva pudding is a staple at any dessert table, and I have made it a tad bit more festive by converting it into a gingerbread pudding. For those who are not familiar, malva pudding, it is a sweet caramel like sponge doused in a rich, buttery caramel sauce. My original recipe can be found here. It…

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Malva Pudding

A marvelously delicious South African Classic 🙂 A spongy caramelized pudding, made with apricot jam, served with a side of custard and/or ice cream. I baked this pudding a while back for Heritage Day and just never got around to sharing the recipe. Malva pudding has been around for ages. On researching various recipes, I found that most of them followed a similar formulae with the same ingredients, just in…

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Spiced Creme Brulees

This is a slight adaptation of the traditional creme brulee recipe, which has been infused with chai spices to add an indian twist to a traditional classic. I had no idea that creme brulee was such a simple recipe to make, with a few simple ingredients. It is also a fantastic make-ahead dessert, when you have other dishes to prepare for a dinner party. Speaking of dinner parties, to celebrate…

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Chocolate Pudding

This is a soft and moist pudding with morsels of melty chocolate in between and a chocolate sauce. Growing up, my sister used to bake us a chocolate pudding. Somehow, that recipe seems to have been misplaced. I was determined however, to try and re-create it. Dare I say we may have actually stumbled across a better invention ! I love making this in winter, as it is warm and…

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Caramel White Chocoflan

So the name is completely made up! It is my take on the traditional chocoflan with caramel and white chocolate instead I initially baked this “cake” for International Chocolate Day, but never ended up sharing it for some reason. So here it is now! A chocoflan, as you can guess, is part chocolate and part flan. This cake is incredibly popular in Mexico. It is also know as the impossible…

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Grapefruit Self-saucing Pudding

This pudding is made with a particular cultivar of grapefruit, which is not bitter. I would not recommend using red ruby grapefruit. A lemon version works just as well ! A friend told me about this new range of grapefruit which is available at Woolworths. I normally associate grapefruit with a bitter flavour, but this is pleasantly sweet with a slightly sweet counterbalance. I really wanted to bake a beautiful…

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