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Apple Tarte Tatin

Wonderfully tart Grannysmith apples provide a nice contrast to a sweet caramel and the perfect pastry to encase it all Having spent a few days in Paris, there was no shortage of pastries which I tried. I tried many variants from macarons to choux and entremets to flan. What surprised me the most however, was how delicious a well made apple tarte tatin could be. I am not a massive…

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Milk Tart Slices

A cheat version of the usual South African classic, with a more rustic flare My motto for 2022 is to focus on more time for myself and slow down a bit. I still want to explore my passion for creating delicious dishes in the kitchen, but not always having to spend hours slogging over them. Custard slices evoke memories of summer picnic desserts as you devour these hand-held delights, not…

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Stone Fruit Gallette

A more rustic version of a fruit pie, with a wonderful crisp and flakey pastry and delicious stone fruit. During lockdown, galette’s flooded my instagram feed and it was then that I was introduced to this “tart”. It is a more rustic version than a pretty adorned pie. It does not have all the fuss of blind baking a pastry, but still delivers on a wonderful crunch and flakey base…

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Lemon Meringue Pie

A classic lemon meringue pie, with a few twists and turns to make it a bit extra special 🙂 Lemon meringue pie is one of those classic desserts, with most recipes being inherited from generation to generation. Unfortunately, this is not one which I inherited from anyone, so I had to consult a multitude of recipes, combine different ones, to come up with my version. Despite looking similar, different recipes…

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