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Almond, Semolina and Blood Orange Syrup Cakes

This sweetness in this simple cake can be controlled through the syrup which is poured on top I had some delicious blood oranges left over from this Vanilla Yoghurt Panna Cotta with Blood Orange Jelly, and came across this recipe for almond, semolina and blood orange syrup cakes by Donna Hay. I bought her book, Modern Cooking a while ago but have not had many opportunities to bake from it.…

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Blood Orange and Almond Cakes

I love the classic combo of orange and almond – borrowing from the concept of an upside-down cake with this recipe I had an entire box of blood oranges to work through, so have been dreaming up all sorts of recipes! Vovotelo, a local Cape Town based restaurant used to make an absolutely moreish orange and almond cake. They have since closed down, but I am still determined to create…

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