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Lemon, Poppyseed and Olive Oil Bundt

This is a super soft bundt, with a fruity undertone from the olive oil, tang from the lemon and sweetness from the white chocolate ganache I recently ate an ice cream which was lemon, poppyseed, olive oil and white chocolate flavoured. It sounds like a lot of flavours, but worked surprisingly well. The olive oil really enhances the fruitiness of the lemon and the white chocolate cuts through the tang.…

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Apple and Olive Oil Cake

A moist apple sponge sandwiched with a moreish maple cream cheese frosting I love this apple and olive oil cake, not only for the delicious morsels of apples but for the utterly moreish maple cream cheese frosting. The frosting is not overly sweet, and interestingly, instead of using icing sugar like most frostings, this one uses brown sugar, which gives wonderful caramel notes. The olive oil in the cake keeps…

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