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Gluten-Free Coconut Loaf

A light and soft coconut loaf with a wonderful toasted coconut icing I have been experimenting with a few gluten-free recipes with mixed success. This gluten-free coconut loaf is one of the successes. It has all the coconut I could possibly cram into a cake – coconut flour, coconut sugar, coconut oil, desiccated coconut, coconut milk. Coconut flour is extremely tricky to work with and can really produce a dry…

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Breakfast Cookies

Inspired and based off an Anzac cookie, these delicious cookies come together in a flash A quick recipe that comes together in a flash, which is great as it is close to midnight as I type this blog post out! If you make this recipe, please share it with me by tagging me on Instagram @adventureswithsugar or on Facebook at Adventures with Sugar. Please also leave a comment below to let me know…

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Rainbow Coconut Layer Cake

Inspired off the Malaysian Sarawak Layer Cake, this recipe is a labour of love, but oh so worth it I did virtually no recipe testing this past weekend. I often love creating new recipes, having to go through a few iterations before I find the perfect recipe. Whilst I love being able to spot a problem and fix it, sometimes I just want to bake something that I know is…

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Gluten Free Glacé Cherry and Almond Loaf

A dense and buttery loaf, studded with beautiful red cherries. I am quite experienced when it comes to baking cakes and cupcakes, but my recipes all call for the staple ingredients of flour, sugar, butter and eggs. I haven’t ventured much into creating eggless bakes, or gluten-free or dairy free bakes. Baking is such a science that I have always been a bit afraid of the outcome, should one change…

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