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May 2020

Banana and Pecan Nut Bread

This is a dense, moist banana bread which I have adapted to be eggless as well. I guess I am slightly behind the curve with the lockdown banana bread craze, but every baker should have a good banana bread recipe in their repertoire. Banana bread can take many directions, with the addition of nuts, spices, chocolate chips, coconut and numerous variations. I do like the textural element which nuts provide…

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Brown Butter and Almond Madeleines

These classic French cookies (or are they cakes?) gets a fun twist with the addition of brown butter and cinnamon When I travel, I love experiencing the flavours unique to a particular place. I was doing some research on different sweet treats to enjoy in Paris when I first came across madeleines. Browsing local supermarkets on holidays is a nice way to spot unique items when I came across a…

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Rainbow Meringue Kisses

These colourful and fun rainbow meringue kisses can be enjoyed on their own or used as decorations for cakes and desserts. It was my niece, Shruti’s seventh birthday yesterday. Being away from home and not getting to bake novelty cakes very often, I look forward to these special events to be able to return home and partake in baking them something really special. Unfortunately, with the current state of the…

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Carrot Cake

This is a simple carrot cake – no frills, no pineapple – that really lets the flavour of the spices come through. Making a carrot cake is easy, but making a really good carrot cake is much more challenging! Over the years, I have made countless carrot cakes – ones with raisins, pineapple, coconut, banana … you name it, I tried it! None which I have considered successful. With this…

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Masala Tres Leches Cake

This is a take on the traditional tres leches (translated: three milk) cake, adding a bit of spice and warmth with the masala chai brew One of my favourite things about travelling is all the different culinary experiences which you get to enjoy. Whilst there have been too many to count on my recent trip to India, a recurrent favourite for me is masala chai. We found an amazing tea…

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