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Fig and Hazelnut Friands

These delicious bite size treats have a wonderful balance of nuttiness and fruitiness, thanks to the both the hazelnuts and figs If you are unfamiliar with what a friand is, you are not alone! I too only learnt of the concept recently. They are really just little cakes, traditionally made with ground almonds, include some fruit and are baked in an aspic mould. Apparently popularised in Australia by a French…

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Lime Panna Cotta with Strawberries

The perfect no bake summer dessert a combination of zingy lime with a flavour burst of strawberries This is a perfect summer dessert, both in terms of flavours but also the fact that it does not require you to slave over a hot oven. I am making it for Christmas this year, as I have a single oven which will mostly be occupied with a roast lamb leg. Not needing…

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Christmas Tree Pavlova

A festive showstopper combining crunchy meringue, whipped cream and fresh raspberries – and it’s easier than it looks! Happy Christmas Eve everyone! Christmas is just around the corner and me being the last minute person I am, did not get around to posting this recipe sooner. This Christmas tree pavlova looks really impressive, but does not require much skill to make. What is more, the meringue can be made in…

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