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Mar 2021

Speckled Egg Choc Chunk Cookies

This is my pecan and which chocolate cookie, which I have adapted to a milk chocolate version, and threw in some speckled eggs because …. why not, it’s Easter! There is something special about that perfect cookie, which is crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. I have never been much of a cookie baker, but find that there are some advantages to getting your sweet…

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Speckled Egg Cake

A decadent chocolate mud cake, layered with multi-coloured swiss meringue buttercream This is not just an ordinary cake! It is a six tier death by chocolate cake decorated with all the speckled eggs I could get my hands on. I am a little obsessed with speckled eggs, and if you aren’t I am questioning whether we can be friends! Mud cakes are contentious in our household. I prefer cakes with…

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Orange and Almond Cheesecake with Roasted Apricots

A very forgiving cheesecake, thanks to the roasted apricots which are piled on it – the perfect camouflage for any imperfections I know that cheesecakes can be intimidating and that people try to achieve that perfect top, without any browning, cracks or sinking – why though?! Call the cheesecake police on me, but this is a more rustic version that does not require you to line your tin with foil…

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