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Sep 2020

Spiced Creme Brulees

This is a slight adaptation of the traditional creme brulee recipe, which has been infused with chai spices to add an indian twist to a traditional classic. I had no idea that creme brulee was such a simple recipe to make, with a few simple ingredients. It is also a fantastic make-ahead dessert, when you have other dishes to prepare for a dinner party. Speaking of dinner parties, to celebrate…

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Melktert (Milktart)

A slightly non-traditional, but very moreish take on a milk tart. A lovely shortcrust pastry encasing a souffled spiced custard Melktert stems from the Dutch settlers in the Cape in the 1600s. The origin of Mattentaart is credited to a recipe listed in Thomas van der Noot’s book, “Een notabel boexcken van cokeryen” (A Notable Book of Cookery) and it’s possible that melktert developed from the same recipe. It is a quintessential South African…

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Turmeric and Ginger White Hot Chocolate

A velvety smooth hot drink, with the warmth intensified by the inclusion of various spices. Home remedies were, and still are, very much part of my upbringing. Whilst we value professional medical opinions – sometimes the cure to a wheezy chest is a shot of brandy and honey, a spicy chicken curry and your chest wrapped up in flannel clothing ( as an asthmatic teen, my grandmom used to do…

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Lemon and Poppyseed Madeleines

This is a slight twist on the traditional Madeleine, with the inclusion of poppyseeds adds a lovely crunch. I had baked and shared these Madeleines on Instagram a while back, but have been so busy with my day job that I have not had time to share the recipe – my humblest apologies! I love making madeleines. They are actually quite easy to make, can be made ahead (actually, they…

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