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Cranberry Crumble Muffins

My go to muffin recipe, which I have slightly tweaked with the inclusion of dried cranberries and a crumble topping I love how versatile my go-to muffin recipe is, and I often adapt it to things I have lying around. Here, I had some leftover cranberries and oats from the breakfast cookies I baked a few weeks back and decided to use them to create these cranberry crumble muffins. I…

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Breakfast Cookies

Inspired and based off an Anzac cookie, these delicious cookies come together in a flash A quick recipe that comes together in a flash, which is great as it is close to midnight as I type this blog post out! If you make this recipe, please share it with me by tagging me on Instagram @adventureswithsugar or on Facebook at Adventures with Sugar. Please also leave a comment below to let me know…

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