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Roasted Strawberry and Cream Sundae

Silky and creamy strawberry semifreddo, coupled with chantilly whipped cream, strawberry sauce and caramelised almonds Sundae’s have always seemed really daunting and I have never gotten around to making one. Whenever a fix was needed, I would always head over to Spur or Wimpy. Eating Sundae’s at one of these restaurants are filled with nostalgia for me. I wanted to create a more sophisticated version, moving away from the usual…

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Gluten Free Glacé Cherry and Almond Loaf

A dense and buttery loaf, studded with beautiful red cherries. I am quite experienced when it comes to baking cakes and cupcakes, but my recipes all call for the staple ingredients of flour, sugar, butter and eggs. I haven’t ventured much into creating eggless bakes, or gluten-free or dairy free bakes. Baking is such a science that I have always been a bit afraid of the outcome, should one change…

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