Chocolate Flower Decoration

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This flower really is easier than it looks – all it takes is a bit of patience and a gentle hand when moving it around, as it is quite fragile.

Chocolate can be quite a temperamental medium to work with, as it relies on being tempered to set firm and have a crisp snap. Sometimes I want to do something relatively quick and simple.

This chocolate flower is an easy way to make a pretty cake topper – by simply melting chocolate in the microwave. I have used it here on my black velvet cake. The black on black really is showstopping and looks sophisticated and elegant.

The skill level to make this chocolate flower is only moderate, but it does require a bit of patience and a more gentle hand.


  • 160g dark baking chocolate
  • black gel food colour
  • 6 dragees for the middle of the flower
  • side plate
  • baking paper, cut into little rectangles and one large one to build the entire flower
  • paper towel holder, halved down the length
  • pallette knife or teaspoon


  1. Make sure all your utensils are ready in order to begin making the petals.
  2. You will make each petal on a separate rectangle of baking paper.
  3. You want one half of the paper towel holder to be more curved than the other half. The side plate, and two paper towel holders will have different curvatures in order to create the different gradients of petals.
  4. Melt the chocolate for an initial 20 seconds, followed by 10 second bursts until completely melted.
  5. Then add a bit of the black gel food colouring and stir to incorporate.
  6. Using the melted chocolate and the palette knife (or the handle of a teaspoon) make three strokes in the form of a petal on the baking paper and set to curl on the outside of the sideplate (which has a slight curve).
  7. Then follow this by the two paper towel halves.
  8. To make the size of flower I have made, you will need up to 8 petals for each of the three layers. Make extra as they are very fragile.
  9. Allow your petals to dry completely.
  10. Once the petals are dry, use a large piece of baking paper and place a good dollop of chocolate in the middle and spread it out to form a disc.
  11. Beginning with the petals from the side plate, arrange in a circle to form the base layer of the flower.
  12. Then follow this with around 6 petals from the less curved paper towel half.
  13. Finally, leave the most curled petals for the centre, using around 4 petals.
  14. Place a tiny bit of chocolate in the middle of the flower and arrange the dragees to form the centre.
  15. Set the entire flower to cool for about 30min in the fridge, before peeling away the parchment paper and placing it onto your cake.

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